Physiotherapy device for the knee | Massage, air compression and vibration

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THE Multifunction Knee Massager: Relieve Your Pain in 10 Minutes

Say goodbye to joint pain and regain optimal mobility thanks to our versatile and autonomous Knee Massager. This revolutionary massage device combines four complementary treatments for maximum effectiveness: heat diffusion, air pressure massage, soothing micro-vibrations and infrared light therapy.

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Description :

Our Knee Massager is specially designed to relieve pain related to Polyarthritis, Gonarthrosis (osteoarthritis), muscle tension as well as ligament damage and sprains. In just 10 minutes of automatic massage, you will feel significant relief and regain optimal motor skills.

Features and Benefits:

  • Versatility : Take advantage of four simultaneous or alternating therapies for a complete treatment adapted to your needs.
  • Ergonomic Design : Equipped with an adjustable strap, our massager adapts perfectly to the shape of your knees, ensuring optimal comfort during each session.
  • Recommended by Physiotherapists : Healthcare professionals endorse our knee massager for its ability to effectively treat painful symptoms.
  • Ease of use : Equipped with 6 dedicated buttons, our massager is easy to use from the first use. Each function can be activated/deactivated, and the duration of the massage can be configured according to your preferences.
  • Clinically Proven Effectiveness : Relief of joint pain, reduction of inflammation, improvement of blood flow, promoted regeneration and healing.
  • Universal Compatibility : Adapts to all knee sizes to suit each user.
  • Intelligent Digital Screen : The intuitive display makes it easy to navigate and adjust settings for a personalized experience.

multifunction knee massager

Technical characteristics :

  • Color : White
  • Material : ABS
  • Voltage : 5V
  • Power : 5W
  • Massage duration : 15/20/25/30 minutes
  • Battery Capacity : 2600 mAh
  • Charge time : 3 hours
  • Battery life : 1-1.5 hours
  • Weight : 595g
  • Size : 17*24cm
  • Noise Level : ≤ 65dB
  • Compliant Standards : GB4706.1-2005, GB4706.10-200

No longer let joint pain limit your daily life. Opt for our Multifunction Knee Massager and regain a pain-free quality of life today!

NB: Results may vary from one person to another. Consult a healthcare professional if pain persists.