Endflats Classic Racing Motorcycle Helmet

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Product Type: motorcycle helmet

Color: Black
Size: S

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Discover the Endflats Classic Racing Motorcycle Helmet - A Must-Have for Motocross Enthusiasts

If you are a motocross enthusiast, the Endflats Classic Racing Motorcycle Helmet is a must-have for you. Its aerodynamic ABS design guarantees optimal performance on the track, while its high-density EPS inner shell provides maximum protection for your head. This helmet has been designed to provide exceptional comfort, whatever the season.

Features of the Endflats motorcycle helmet

➤ High Quality Motocross Design: The ABS outer shell is reinforced for increased impact resistance, while the quick-release chin bar offers custom adjustment with a ratchet mechanism.

➤ Breathable and Washable Lining: The inner lining is partially removable and washable, ensuring that your helmet stays clean, fresh and odorless. The interior padding is soft and ergonomic, providing exceptional comfort throughout your adventures on the trail.

➤ ECE Certification for Maximum Safety: The Endflats Helmet is ECE certified and has undergone multiple crash tests, thus proving its effectiveness in protecting the motorcyclist's head in the event of an impact. The soft foam spacer inside the helmet provides additional protection.

➤ Lightweight Design for Unparalleled Comfort: With a weight of approximately 1100 grams, this off-road helmet is lightweight, allowing you to enjoy a more pleasant driving experience. Clear vision and a feeling of freshness are guaranteed, allowing you to concentrate on the track with complete peace of mind.

[An Essential Motocross Helmet]

The Endflats Classic Racing Motorcycle Helmet is much more than just safety equipment. It embodies the perfect fusion of style, safety and comfort. So, don't wait any longer, equip yourself with the best and get ready to experience thrilling adventures on your motorcycle. Order now and feel the Endflats difference on the track!