Orthopedic bunion sleeve

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Confort-Orthopédique™ Bunion Sleeve: Everyday Relief

Relief for Mild to Moderate Bunions

Say goodbye to mild to moderate bunions (hallux valgus) with our Orthopedic Comfort Sleeve™. Designed to provide effective relief, it offers excellent post-operative support whilst remaining incredibly thin (0.4mm). You can wear it discreetly with your socks and shoes during your daily activities.

A Companion for the Active

If you are active, a runner or walker, this orthopedic sleeve is for you. In addition to relieving bunions, it naturally separates your toes, gradually releasing built-up tension and easing pain. Now you can enjoy every step without compromise.

Key points :

  • Targeted Relief: Relieves mild to moderate bunions (hallux valgus) and provides optimal support after surgery.
  • Ultra Thin and Discreet: With a thickness of only 0.4 mm, it can be worn comfortably with your socks and shoes during all your activities.
  • Perfect for the Active: Ideal for active people, runners and walkers looking for relief while pursuing their passions.
  • Universal Size: Designed to fit everyone, with approximate dimensions of 9 cm in length and 8 cm in width (expandable).

Progressive Adaptation for Optimal Comfort

For an optimal experience, it is recommended to wear the Orthopedic Comfort Sleeve™ initially for short intervals, then gradually extend the duration. If you feel any tightness, remove it for a few hours. Slight stretching after use is normal. Note that the product is designed with two sofas fixed with glue, so minor variations may occur after a few days of use or after washing, without altering its effectiveness.

Relieve Your Feet, Live Fully

Give your feet the relief they deserve every day. The Orthopedic Comfort Sleeve™ is there to support you, allowing you to carry out your activities without pain.