Chic and Comfortable Orthopedic Sandals

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Product Type: Sandals

Color: Black
Size: 35

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Chic and comfortable orthopedic sandals for healthy posture

Discover our new design of orthopedic sandals that ensure a healthy, comfortable and safe posture while walking and running thanks to the special heel design. Sleek and chic, these sandals correct your posture and eliminate the lack of muscular balance in your body while perfectly balancing your feet while you wear them. Discover optimal comfort with these orthopedic sandals like no other!

Features :

  • Aligns your toes: The chic and comfortable orthopedic sandals provide optimal hallux valgus correction, ensuring correct position of your toes.
  • Non-slip sole: Thanks to its extremely non-slip sole, you will benefit from a secure hold in all situations.
  • Posture correction: By adjusting the posture of your feet, you can correct the position of your legs and avoid muscle pain.
  • Unique design: With their original look, these sandals differentiate themselves from typical orthopedic sandals and highlight the graceful lines of the female foot.
  • Even Pressure Distribution: The arch design ensures your weight is evenly distributed across the toes, arch and ball at all times.
  • Size: Please refer to the measurement chart to choose the size that suits you.
  • Contents: The package contains a pair of chic and comfortable orthopedic sandals.

With chic and comfortable orthopedic sandals, you can now take care of your posture while remaining elegant and trendy. These shoes will quickly become a must-have in your wardrobe, offering you optimal comfort and correcting your posture. Simply slip them on and squeeze your feet around the clasp for added support every day!