Comment s’habiller chic :

How to dress chic:

There are many women who dress elegantly and many more who would like to be dressed elegantly but don't know how.

First of all, to dress elegantly, you often have to forget about fashion and its trends. It's more about being remarkable for the beauty and grace that an outfit delivers than for its style. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you today some tips for choosing clothes that will give you a classy and elegant look.

1-Understand that elegance comes through simplicity

If you pay close attention to photos of women who you find elegant, you will notice that they very often dress simply. Most of the time they do not have variegated patterns or disparate elements. They generally opt for neutral shades or for tones that perfectly match their skin tone. The lines of the clothes worn are generally very simple as well. A pretty sheath dress will often be a very good choice to appear chic and elegant.

2-Only wear what suits you

If you want to look flawless, you definitely need to know what works best for you. This ranges from choosing colors to the cut of the clothes you wear. You should be able to know the list of the most flattering cuts based on your figure. Whether for jeans, skirts, dresses and even tops. Recognizing the cuts best suited to your body shape and the shades best suited to your skin texture will allow you to refuse any compromise when purchasing new clothing. Even if the clothing is on sale. It's always better to spend a little more and have an impeccably tailored piece of clothing than to splurge on an item that will never make you look good.

3-Bet on timeless pieces

Among the various essential items in a woman's wardrobe, some are simply timeless. They stand the test of time without difficulty because they display, despite the times, fashions and trends, the same elegant cut, the same timeless charm. Among these “must-haves”, we can cite: The little black dress, the pencil skirt, diamond earrings or the always very chic pearl necklace. These items work today as they did thirty years ago and buying one of these timeless items is a wise decision, one more step towards polished style and an elegant look.

4-Never underestimate the charm of a good handbag

A beautiful handbag always completes an outfit. You don't necessarily need a designer handbag. Opt for clean lines, which catch the eye and enhance your outfits. If you fall in love with a particular bag and think that it can only be this one then… go for it!

5-Find your own style

Finding your style is not an easy thing, but it is of paramount importance when it comes to being dressed elegantly. If you're insecure about your outfit, you won't feel comfortable and it will be noticed. Mademoiselle Grenade regularly gives you advice on finding your style and cultivating it. Take stock of your wardrobe and look at the different styles that your clothes represent.

6-Evolve with grace and ease

Believe it or not, your posture, your gait, the confidence you have in yourself... have an importance on the aura you give off. Having good posture and feeling confident can help you look more elegant. Think about it. Have you ever seen an elegantly dressed woman who seemed uncomfortable in her clothes? Chances are the answer is no. It's more a question of self-confidence than the outfit worn.

7-Learn to love neutral shades

If you want to dress stylishly, it's essential to learn to love neutral shades. Black is often the tastiest choice you can make to look chic and elegant. This doesn't mean you can't wear colors or patterns. However, knowing the importance of natural shades can be of great help. Once you master these shades, you can mix them with other colors or with patterns.

8-Forget logos and don't become a fashion victim

No matter how important you or your friends are, never try to impress with excessive use of designer clothing, logos, etc.

Many people think that the more expensive the garment (or the more known and recognized the brand), the more elegant it is. Remember that, by definition, what's in fashion goes out of style. As Yves Saint-Laurent said: “Fashions pass, style is eternal. »

Dressing elegantly is within everyone's reach. As we have just explained, it is often enough to follow a few simple rules, to work on your style, to pay particular attention to your posture, to take care of the small details which may seem unimportant (handbag, jewelry, hairdressing, manicure) and learning to have self-confidence. Finally, as Yves Saint-Laurent also said: “Without elegance of heart, there is no elegance”.